Smart Alarm Clock 🕰⏰Bonjour

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It’s your own assistant. Just for you.

    • Connects to your agenda, checks weather and traffic to anticipate your commute
    • Plays all your music from Spotify, Webradios, Deezer and more
    • Set an advanced alarm that adapts to live weather conditions
    • Controls lights, thermostats, switches and more with Nest, Philips and SleepCompanion
    • Take care of your sleep thanks to the night mode and the relaxation program
    • Activate your morning routine with weather report, live traffic and agenda


"A killer feature of BONJOUR is that she can act based upon conditions: wake you up at 8 if it’s sunny, otherwise let you sleep in."

"The BONJOUR smart alarm clock features everything a good alarm clock should: a nice design and smart features."

"French startup Holi has created an alarm clock that will fire on all cylinders for you."


  • Dimensions : 5.3'' diameter x 3'' deep
  • Weight : 1.6 pounds
  • Materials : ABS plastic, glass, chrome finish
  • Voice sensors : 180° voice recognition system with 2 stereo microphones
  • Display : Colorful HD screen
  • Audio : 5 watts premium stereo system, 2 premium speakers
  • Language : English, French
  • Power : Adaptateur AC/DC universel (100-240V)
  • Port : USB charging port
  • Connexion : Wifi (802.11.a/b/g/n), safe wifi (off at night)
  • Processor : High-performance CortexTM A15 processor, 2 Gigabytes RAM