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Pores Shrinking Whitening liquid Moisturizing Face Serum

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Shrink Pores Hyaluronic Acid liquid Moisturizing Face Serum Whitening Plant Skin Care Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Cream 10ml


Item specifics:

Type:Plant +Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum

Help to shrink pores ,gentle conditioning the skin and repair pores ,so that the skin compact and delicate state

Method of use

1. Clean your face

2. Take appropriated amount of the product and apply it onto the cleansed face

3. Massage it gently and evenly onto face from middle to the two sides to help it absorb.


Water ,Hamamelisvirginiana extract ,propylene glycol, betaine,Hydroxyethyl urea, phenoxyethanol ,sodium Hyaluronate ,PEG-40

Hydrogenated castor oil ,parfum


Package included:

1Pcs* BEACUIR Face serum



tight delicate, tighten pores

plant natural sweet care


hydrate moisturize, bidirectional balance,keep away from dullness

Fresh and comfortable, tighten pores, cool and skin-care

Tonify skin and remove acne, gently remove acne, moisturize hydrate

Repair deeply, replenish and repair natural energy

Smooth and tight,improve skin flabby rough, wake up the skin elastic


Refine pores, control oil while tighten skin, tighten rough pores

Moisturize and hydrate, nourish directly into skin bottom, replenish skin water in time

Control oil and tighten,the astringent plant essence converges the pores and keeps the skin smooth


The supplying source of moisture and nutrition on the skin surface originates from the bottom dermis, so the source of skin hydration is to supplement the moisture and nutrition of the bottom dermis



Are you one of them?

Desperately hydrate the skin but still did not achieve the desired effect, dark, yellow, roughness, pores, fine lines still lingering

dull yellow and no light

dry rough and have fine lines

large pores and loose skin

Large oil fields are prone to acne


Do you really know how skincare works?

Replenish hyaluronic acid directly to dermis and form healthy young skin


True moisturizing and oil control should be carried out on this basis. Therefore, a good skin care product can reach skin bottom corium layer quickly and be fully absorbed by the skin, this is the basis of skin care


Hamamelis virginiana. Relieve and calm skin. Moisturize skin

Hamamelis virginiana extraction have relieving and calming effects, can relieve skin, can control oil secretion, help regulate the water and oil balance of the skin, astringent pores

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid has the function of keeping skin moist and hydrating, delicate and tender, elastic and have skin-repairing effect




from inside to outside, tighten pores

Are you troubled by oily feeling, acne marks and large pores?

Variable strawberry nose

red and damaged

oily in T area

blackheads get more

pores are large



main effects

fair degree, get rid of yellowish and brighten skin

smooth degree, refine pores

Anti - sensitivity, soothing sensitivity

Improve six skin dimensions

Wrinkle resistance, tender and smooth

Tightness, lift and tighten

cool degree, adjust oil


create watery skin, absorption is the key

Hydrate and absorb, natural plant essence, can integrate into surface,

absorb more nutrition, hydrate and moisturize

directly reach to deep layer

natural plant essence, can reach to skin surface

Hydrating and moisturizing start from skin bottom


Clean face, clean areas easily producing oil in T area and on both sides of the nose

Apply the pore refine tender essence solution to the makeup cotton and pad on the nose, remove after 8 to 10 minutes

Gently stroke and absorb

Be careful not to touch your nose directly with your hands after use


use in collocation

blackheads go away

Stretch the pores and drain the blackheads

Deeply clean and remove blackheads

Tighten the pores and skin








































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