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HairMax LaserBand 82 Hair Growth Bundle

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LaserBand 82 Bundle

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The hair-parting mechanism parts your hair to create a pathway for the optimal amount of laser light to reach your scalp for maximum benefit.<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>\n<ul>\r\n<li><b>Laser Density<\/b>-&#160;HairMax laser diodes are closely placed within the devices to provide a consistent and uniform delivery of laser light to your follicles. No other device has this advantage.<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>\n<ul>\r\n<li><b>Laser Intensity<\/b> -&#160;This focused laser light is absorbed by scalp to reach your follicles for optimal results. Unlike LED light which is not collimated or focused.<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>\n<ul>\r\n<li><b>Full Scalp Coverage<\/b> -&#160;Our LaserBand 82 provides coverage equal to 246 total lasers when moved 3x over scalp.<\/li>\r\n<\/ul>","media":{"sources":[{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/dfcc7622-c2e1-4c7c-8729-a88681a9a3ff.png.w1920.png","width":540,"height":554},{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/dfcc7622-c2e1-4c7c-8729-a88681a9a3ff.png.w960.png","width":540,"height":554},{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/dfcc7622-c2e1-4c7c-8729-a88681a9a3ff.png.w480.png","width":480,"height":492},{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/dfcc7622-c2e1-4c7c-8729-a88681a9a3ff.png.w240.png","width":240,"height":246}],"src":{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/dfcc7622-c2e1-4c7c-8729-a88681a9a3ff.png","width":540,"height":554},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/dfcc7622-c2e1-4c7c-8729-a88681a9a3ff.png.web.png","width":540,"height":554},"assetWrapper":"tour","editorOriginalName":"hairmax_advantages.png","isAdaCompliant":false,"type":"IMAGE"},"direction":"left"},{"hotspotX":0.9791666666666666,"hotspotY":0.8208333333333333,"captionFromAttr":" STIMUL8 Shampoo","description":"Blended with the unique biologically active NRG8-pLEX, STIMUL8 is part of the first step in the Hair Care System, scientifically developed to energize and reactivate the hair.<br/><br/>\n<p>The gentle cleansing effect and moisture balancing properties prepare the scalp and hair to receive the NRG8 complex, bringing life back into lifeless hair and providing the optimal treatment for fuller, healthier-looking hair. HairMax combines the science of promoting a healthy scalp with rejuvenating properties.<\/p>","media":{"sources":[{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/9e54166b-2321-4f13-9083-d209f579e631.jpg.w1920.jpg","width":1920,"height":1920},{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/9e54166b-2321-4f13-9083-d209f579e631.jpg.w960.jpg","width":960,"height":960},{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/9e54166b-2321-4f13-9083-d209f579e631.jpg.w480.jpg","width":480,"height":480},{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/9e54166b-2321-4f13-9083-d209f579e631.jpg.w240.jpg","width":240,"height":240}],"src":{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/9e54166b-2321-4f13-9083-d209f579e631.jpg","width":3000,"height":3000},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/9e54166b-2321-4f13-9083-d209f579e631.jpg.web.jpg","width":3000,"height":3000},"assetWrapper":"tour","editorOriginalName":"forDensity_Shampoo_12oz.jpg","isAdaCompliant":false,"type":"IMAGE"},"direction":"left"},{"hotspotX":0.6833333333333333,"hotspotY":0.7916666666666666,"captionFromAttr":" EXHILAR8 Conditioner","description":"Blended with the unique biologically active NRG8-pLEX, EXHILAR8 is part of the first step in the Hair Care System, scientifically developed to energize and reactivate the hair.<br/><br/>\n<p>The gentle cleansing effect and moisture balancing properties prepare the scalp and hair to receive the NRG8 complex, bringing life back into lifeless hair and providing the optimal treatment for fuller, healthier-looking hair. HairMax combines the science of promoting a healthy scalp with rejuvenating properties.<\/p>","media":{"sources":[{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/9625b733-05c7-4d41-8306-6c7ac251f12d.jpg.w1920.jpg","width":1920,"height":1920},{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/9625b733-05c7-4d41-8306-6c7ac251f12d.jpg.w960.jpg","width":960,"height":960},{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/9625b733-05c7-4d41-8306-6c7ac251f12d.jpg.w480.jpg","width":480,"height":480},{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/9625b733-05c7-4d41-8306-6c7ac251f12d.jpg.w240.jpg","width":240,"height":240}],"src":{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/9625b733-05c7-4d41-8306-6c7ac251f12d.jpg","width":3000,"height":3000},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/9625b733-05c7-4d41-8306-6c7ac251f12d.jpg.web.jpg","width":3000,"height":3000},"assetWrapper":"tour","editorOriginalName":"forDensity_Conditioner_12oz.jpg","isAdaCompliant":false,"type":"IMAGE"},"direction":"left"},{"hotspotX":0.5208333333333334,"hotspotY":0.6916666666666667,"captionFromAttr":"Cordless, Hands Free & Lightweight","description":"Comfortable, portable and lightweight for home use or while traveling.","media":{"sources":[{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/e2b92cfc-2ab0-4c4b-8d0a-63d684a9af0f.jpg.w1920.jpg","width":1920,"height":1540},{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/e2b92cfc-2ab0-4c4b-8d0a-63d684a9af0f.jpg.w960.jpg","width":960,"height":770},{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/e2b92cfc-2ab0-4c4b-8d0a-63d684a9af0f.jpg.w480.jpg","width":480,"height":385},{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/e2b92cfc-2ab0-4c4b-8d0a-63d684a9af0f.jpg.w240.jpg","width":240,"height":192}],"src":{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/e2b92cfc-2ab0-4c4b-8d0a-63d684a9af0f.jpg","width":2992,"height":2400},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/e2b92cfc-2ab0-4c4b-8d0a-63d684a9af0f.jpg.web.jpg","width":2992,"height":2400},"assetWrapper":"tour","editorOriginalName":"HMLB82_male2.jpg","isAdaCompliant":false,"type":"IMAGE"},"direction":"left"},{"hotspotX":0.06666666666666667,"hotspotY":0.6541666666666667,"captionFromAttr":"FDA Cleared for Men & Women","description":"HairMax laser devices have been granted 7 FDA Clearances and hold 14 medical device licenses worldwide.","media":{"sources":[{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/662f6fbd-6035-4223-b402-d9019d2ce926.jpg.w1920.jpg","width":1920,"height":1527},{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/662f6fbd-6035-4223-b402-d9019d2ce926.jpg.w960.jpg","width":960,"height":763},{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/662f6fbd-6035-4223-b402-d9019d2ce926.jpg.w480.jpg","width":480,"height":381},{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/662f6fbd-6035-4223-b402-d9019d2ce926.jpg.w240.jpg","width":240,"height":190}],"src":{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/662f6fbd-6035-4223-b402-d9019d2ce926.jpg","width":3016,"height":2400},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/_cp/products/1554219586569/tab-db7a1e9c-ee96-4b55-aa55-6b2a911c4555/662f6fbd-6035-4223-b402-d9019d2ce926.jpg.web.jpg","width":3016,"height":2400},"assetWrapper":"tour","editorOriginalName":"HMLB82-Female2.jpg","isAdaCompliant":false,"type":"IMAGE"},"direction":"left"}]}],"ipiCompatible":false}
  • LaserBand 82

    The HairMax LaserBand 82 is an FDA-cleared home-use laser light hair growth medical device to treat hair loss and promote hair growth in both women and men. The LaserBand 82 delivers therapeutic light energy to your hair follicles through 82 medical-grade lasers (No LEDs). This nourishing laser light stimulates hair follicles, reverses thinning, restores your hair’s natural growth cycle and promotes fuller, denser hair growth. The unique band design incorporates patented hair parting teeth which part your hair during treatment to allow optimal laser light delivery to your follicles. Comfortable, portable and lightweight for home use or while traveling.

  • How do the HairMax laser devices work?

    HairMax Laser Devices deliver safe, nourishing laser light energy directly to the scalp to energize and stimulate hair follicles and help promote hair growth. This process is known as Photo-Biostimulation, similar to photosynthesis which causes growth in plants. HairMax Laser devices utilize Laser Phototherapy, which delivers visible light in the red spectrum to your scalp. This therapeutic, nourishing light energy stimulates growth factors, extends the growth phase of hair, and helps restore a healthy hair growth cycle resulting in new hair growth with increased density, fullness and vibrancy.
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  • About HairMax

    HairMax is recognized as the pioneer of at-home hair regrowth technology and the undisputed global leader in the field. We’ve earned that recognition by developing cutting edge hair growth products that matter to people… products that change lives. HairMax cares, we understand that hair loss is a highly emotional issue, impacting not only your physical appearance but also your self-confidence and self-esteem. We understand how stressful it can be to find a real solution that actually works. You can trust HairMax’s dedicated team of hair growth experts, researchers, physicians, and scientists to bring you the very best in hair growth science and technology. At HairMax, our mission is to enrich your life by helping you grow denser, fuller, more vibrant hair! Love your hair again with HairMax. STIMUL8 Shampoo & EXHILAR8 Conditioner

  • Blended with the unique biologically active NRG8-pLEX™, HairMax® STIMUL8™, and EXHILAR8™ is the first step in for the Hair Care System, scientifically developed to energize and reactivate the hair.

    The gentle cleansing effect and moisture balancing properties prepare the scalp and hair to receive the NRG8 complex, bringing life back into lifeless hair and providing the optimal treatment for fuller, healthier-looking hair. HairMax combines the science of promoting a healthy scalp with rejuvenating properties.

    A proprietary blend of eight highly effective ingredients, including Caffeine, Apple Stem Cell, Reishi Mushroom, and Niacinamide, that together provide the scalp and hair with increased energy, stimulation and essential nourishment vital for healthy hair. This delivery system maximizes the delivery of the actives and magnifies your hair results.

LaserBand 82

HairMax Gets Results

  • HairMax has helped men and women around the world regrow denser, fuller more vibrant hair. Below are before and after photos showing hair growth results HairMax laser device users have achieved. Please take some time to review the before and after photos below. Included are clinical study photos, independent user photos, and photos provided by physicians and hair loss specialists showing the results their clients have experienced.

    The photographs below feature the benefits these HairMax users have experienced. Individual results may vary.

HairMax Before & After Photos


Device dimensions
5.7 x 9 x 3.5 inches
Device weight
18 oz
Number of laser diodes
Laser Wavelength
655 nm +/- 10 nm visible red light
Charging time
4-5 hours


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HairMax Laser Device Treatment Information
How do I use the various HairMax laser devices to treat my hair loss?
The HairMax laser devices have been designed with both comfort and convenience in mind. They are light weight and at different prices to fit any ‘pocket-book’. Each device is used only 3 times a week (such as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) to achieve results. All devices emit the same laser energy, and the only difference is that treatment times vary depending on the model. The more lasers, the faster the treatment time.
The LaserBand 82 only requires treatment for 90 seconds, which is the fastest treatment time of any home use laser device on the market.
Do HairMax laser devices have to be used indefinitely?
HairMax laser device treatments have to be used on an indefinite basis to continue to see positive benefits. However, once you are satisfied with the results, you can try cutting back on treatments to twice a week, but if you experience any shedding, you will have to return to using the device 3 times a week. We do not recommend that you stop using the device altogether, because if you stop, your hair will return to the state it was in before you started treatment.
What is the difference in using the 4 second or the 30 second treatments for the LaserBand?
Each method delivers a similar laser energy dose, so it is up to the user as to which method to use as described in the device’s User Manual.
What is the best way to use the LaserComb and the LaserBand?
For the HairMax LaserComb: The device is used 3 times a week, and should be moved very slowly over your head, and not used like a brush. The device will emit an audible beep and/or vibration every 4 seconds to alert you to move the device ½ inch to the next site. You should continue to use the device this way until you cover either the area you wish to treat, or your entire head with multiple passes as described in the User Manual, until the treatment time is completed.
For the HairMax LaserBand: Simply place the device on the front of your head and gently move it to the top of your head, then the back, using either the 4 second or 30 second method described in the User Manual. Either method requires as little as 90 seconds treatment time, 3 times a week.
Do I have to wash my hair every time before I use the HairMax laser devices?
No, but the HairMax laser devices should be used on a clean scalp so that the optimal laser energy reaches the scalp for delivery to the follicles for best results.
How often do I have to use the HairMax laser devices?
HairMax laser device treatments only have to be used 3 times a week, such as every other day (for example, Monday, Wednesday, Friday) for optimal results.
Can the HairMax laser devices be used every day instead of every other day?
No, the HairMax laser devices when used 3 times a week will provide optimal results. Using them every day will not increase benefit.
What is the treatment time for the LaserBand?
The LaserBand has 82 lasers for broader coverage and will deliver the same energy proven to treat hair loss and thinning hair and regrow hair, in as little as 90 seconds, 3 times a week. (Some physicians have recommended that the LaserBand be used for up to 10 minutes at each session, and report good results).
Are the HairMax laser devices safe to use with other hair growth products?
HairMax laser devices are safe and gentle, and can be used with other hair growth products.
Do I need to use minoxidil and/or other hair care products for the HairMax laser devices to work?
No, the HairMax laser devices have been proven to work alone.
Can I use HairMax laser devices to treat my hair loss while I am using the HairMax Hair Fibers concealers?
Yes, you can use the HairMax Hair Fibers to conceal hair loss while waiting for the benefits of the HairMax laser devices to occur. However, be sure to wash out the Hair Fibers before each laser treatment because they can block the optimal laser energy from reaching the scalp.
Should I towel dry my hair after washing it, before using a HairMax laser device?
Yes, it is a good idea to use the HairMax laser device on damp hair, and not soaking wet hair.
Which shampoos are best to use with the HairMax laser devices?
It is recommended that you use a sulfate free shampoo, as shampoos that contain sulfate could negatively affect your hair loss condition. We offer the HairMax for density Thinning Hair and Scalp treatments which do not contain irritants such as sodium lauryl sulfate. A description of these products can be found on the web site.
Can I use minoxidil and HairMax laser devices together to treat my hair loss?
Yes, many doctors use them together because they believe that synergistic results will occur. If you choose to use them together in a combination regimen, minoxidil should be used as directed 2 times a day, and the HairMax laser device 3 times a week as directed. On those days when you use this combination regimen, we suggest that you use the HairMax laser device first, followed by application of minoxidil.
If I have color treated hair, will the HairMax laser devices still work?
Yes, the HairMax laser devices can be used on all hair colors. We do, however, recommend that you wait for 2 3 days after any hair coloring process prior to using the device.
If I style my hair will the teeth of the HairMax laser devices ruin my hairdo?
No, the HairMax laser devices are not meant to be used like a typical comb or brush. The devices are simply moved in a gentle manner so that it will not affect a hairdo.
Who is a good candidate for treatment with a HairMax laser device?
The ideal candidate is one that has mild to moderate hair loss or thinning, and wants to regrow lost hair, and help prevent further progression. It is best to start treatment at the first sign of hair loss, because the earlier you start, the better your results will be.
How do the HairMax laser devices work to regrow hair?
HairMax laser devices utilize laser energy to stimulate the follicle to grow healthy new hair when you have androgenetic alopecia, also known as pattern baldness or thinning hair. The HairMax laser devices work directly on the hair follicle, to provide the energy needed to support healthy hair growth, by helping to increase blood circulation to the follicle, to increase circulation and remove waste products.
I am just starting to notice that my hair is beginning to thin. Should I start treatment with a HairMax laser device now?
You should start to treat thinning hair when you begin to notice thinning, because the earlier you start, the better your results will be. The HairMax laser devices are easy and convenient to use, just three times a week for 90 seconds to 15 minutes depending on the model.
Can people of all ages with hair loss benefit from treatments with the HairMax laser devices?
Our clinical studies have shown that the HairMax laser devices are effective in both men and women 18 years or older, and that age is not a factor as to how they work. The devices are most effective for mild to moderate hair loss*. It is not intended for people who have severe hair loss. While the HairMax laser devices can ‘awaken’ dormant hair follicles, once the hair follicle is no longer functioning, it cannot be revitalized. We recommend that if you want to use the device on an individual below the age of 18, that you consult a physician or pediatrician first.
Will the HairMax laser devices regrow hair in both men and women?
The HairMax laser devices have been clinically proven to effectively and safely treat pattern hair loss and promote hair growth in both men and women. The best time to use the devices is when you first notice hair loss or thinning hair. There have also never been any reports of serious side effects occurring. Users experience an average hair growth of 149 new hairs per square inch with results seen in 12 to 16 weeks. The HairMax laser devices can also be used with any other treatments. Finally, the devices must be used indefinitely to maintain results.
What is the difference between FDA Cleared and FDA Approved?
The FDA “approves” drugs and generally “clears” medical devices. Cleared medical devices are those that FDA has determined to be substantially equivalent and safe to another similarly marketed device. The FDA requires data to back equivalence claims and descriptive, performance and safety data to support this type of submission. In the case of new technology, the FDA requires submission of the results of a clinical trial proving not only safety, but efficacy. The results of the clinical trials, submitted with the filings, were a key factor in the FDA Clearing HairMax devices.
Can the HairMax laser device be used for overall thinning of hair after menopause?
Yes, while the HairMax was only studied in certain classifications of hair loss, “The majority of women with androgenic alopecia tend to have diffuse [widespread] thinning on all areas of the scalp”
How do I know if my hair follicles are dormant or no longer functioning?
It is not possible to know the difference unless you begin treatment with a HairMax laser device to see if they will ‘wake’ up and begin to produce hair. If no hair regrows, your hair follicles are no longer functioning.
Can I use the HairMax laser devices for hair loss outside of the shaded areas in the Norwood Hamilton or Ludwig Savin Classification?
For best results, the HairMax laser devices should only be used for the areas depicted. However, many men and women have used the devices for hair loss outside of the shaded areas and have reported good results. For women, overall thinning of hair after menopause can be successfully treated with the devices.
I have Fitzpatrick Skin Type in the 5/6 range – will the HairMax laser devices work for me?
The HairMax laser device studies were only studied in the skin types shown as it was easier to visualize and analyze the hair against a light background. Many women with darker skin tones have used the HairMax laser devices successfully, and many physicians recommend the devices for darker skin tones, as well.
Is it recommended to use the HairMax laser devices after hair transplant surgery?
Many hair transplant surgeons use the HairMax laser devices in conjunction with transplant surgery as they feel that they speed healing time, increase patency of the grafts and improve overall results. We recommend that if you wish to use the devices after your surgery that you consult with your surgeons about whether and how to use them after the transplant procedure.
Are the HairMax laser devices effective treatment for all ethnicities, and skin tones?
All the HairMax laser devices are cleared by the FDA for treating hereditary hair loss in males and females with light to medium/dark skin tones. The clinical studies were not based on ethnicity, but was limited to those with these skin tones in order to make counting hair easier, as it is difficult to count them against darker backgrounds. Many individuals with darker skin tones have chosen to use the HairMax laser devices, and report that they are pleased with the results.
If I have a thyroid condition, will the HairMax laser devices help me treat my hair loss?
If your thyroid is being successfully controlled with medication and your thyroid values are normalized, the HairMax laser devices can help to restore your hair condition.
What forms of alopecia can be effectively treated with the HairMax laser devices?
HairMax laser devices are indicated to treat the most common form of hair loss, androgenetic alopecia which is also called hereditary hair loss, or pattern hair loss.
Will the HairMax laser devices be effective if I have psoriasis?
No, the HairMax laser device will not be effective in treating psoriasis.
Are the HairMax laser devices effective for treating alopecia areata?
We do not believe that the HairMax laser devices will be effective for treating alopecia areata or any of its variants.
Are HairMax laser devices effective in treating chemotherapy induced hair loss?
HairMax laser devices will not prevent hair loss during chemotherapy. However, while there have been no clinical studies carried out on helping to return hair after chemotherapy, some individuals have on their own used the devices in this regard and have reported some benefit.
Are HairMax laser devices effective if I have hair extensions?
You can use HairMax laser devices if you have hair extensions. To treat your hair loss when you have them, you must remove the teeth mechanism on the device if you are treating your condition when the extensions are in place. This will prevent any of your hair extensions from becoming caught on the teeth and being pulled off. After removing the teeth, the device should be held on top of your hair.

Notes and Warranty

Device Notes
  • Laser light - Avoid direct eye exposure
  • No harmful side effects
  • No risk from over-exposure
  • No exposure to dangerous UV or UVB light
  • 90% of study participants regrew hair
  • Participants averaged 129 new hairs per sq. in.

Manufacturer’s warranty
- 2 years go to to register

For product related questions please contact HairMax at 1.800.973.4769 or email

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